This cute bangle bag is a simple sewing project and the style is perfect for spring and summer holidays


 Sewing project: Make a bangle bag


With just a few bits and bobs, that you will probably already have in your house, and in just half an hour you can whizz up this cute bag!

The great thing about a bangle bag is that it just hangs from your wrist if you need to use your hands – perfect for us bust ladies.

Match your fabric to your most worn clothes so that it’ll go with all our outfits perfectly.

These little bags are so simple to do that we’re sure you’ll master them in minutes. Because they look great but don’t require too much time they also make perfect gifts. Who wouldn’t want to receive a handmade, thoughtful gift like this? We can’t think of anyone!

So, what are you waiting for, dig out your favourite fabric and a pair of scissors and get going!



    • 30 x 16cm rectangle of fabric
    • Pinking shears
    • Bangle
    • Needle
    • Thread
    • Pins
    • Iron


1. Cut a 30 x 16cm rectangle of fabric with pinking shears. Fold in half widthways, with right sides facing.

2. Stitch side edges from halfway down the sides to the fold, taking a 1cm seam allowance. Turn under the raw side edges and stitch in place.

3. Press under 2.5cm at the top edges. Slip a bangle under one pressed edge. Pin the pressed edge over the bangle. Stitch in place 6mm above the raw edge, smoothing out the fabric as you stitch.

4. Repeat to attach the other bangle. Turn right side out. Give the bag an iron to flatten any creases caused while making it.

There you have it, a simple and stylish bag in no time at all. You’re sure to get plenty compliments for this pretty bag with it’s novel design and clever use of a pair of bangles!