What you will need:


    • For a 50cm square cushion, you will need a feature panel (ours has leaves) measuring approximately 17 x 38cm (this allows 1 cm all around for the turnings) for the front and a front panel (ours is striped) measuring 44cm square.


    • You will also need a 53cm square of striped fabric for the back, plus two 44 x 6cm strips and two 53 x 6cm strips of plain fabric for the front borders.


How to make the cushion:

Note: Join pieces with right sides facing and raw edges matching, taking 1.5cm seam allowances, unless specified otherwise.

1/ Turn under 1cm to the wrong side all around the feature panel and press. Position the feature panel centrally on the right side of the front panel. Pin, tack and topstitch the feature panel in place.

2/ To create the border around the front panel, first pin and stitch the shorter plain strips to the top and bottom edges of the front panel. Press the seam allowances open. Now pin and stitch the longer plain strips to the side edges of the front panel and borders already attached. Press the seam allowances.

3/ With right sides facing, pin the cushion back to the front. Tack all round. Machine-stitch in place around three sides and remove the tacking. Trim the corners, turn right side out and press. Insert the cushion pad. Turn in the seam allowances around the opening and neatly slip stitch closed.

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