Give someone an extra special surprise with these pretty homemade cards

Handmade 3D cardsFancy a simple craft project to make? These pretty cards are much easier to make than they look. The 3D effect means they make a big impact when they’re first pulled out of their envelope and the design is sleek and modern.

Make a few one afternoon so that you have a nice stack of cards for upcoming birthdays and special occasions – they’re sure to go down a treat with any lucky recipient.


    • Cream A5 card
    • String
    • Pretty patterned card
    • PVA glue
    • Double sided tape

Instructions for the falling leaves 3D card

1. To make the leaf card: Take a cream A5 folded blank card. Stick on a curve of string as shown on card above. Cut out 5 pairs of leaf shapes, about 5cm high x 3cm wide at its fullest.

2. To create the 3D effect. Cut and stick a 1mm slither of double sided tape along the centre of each leaf. Fold the top leaves in half length ways. Remove the protective layer of double sided tape and place the crease of the folded top leaf onto the double-sided tape.

3. Gently role the edge of a sharp knife along the crease, to press the top leaf firmly in position. Gently open out the top leaves.

Instructions for the apple 3D card

1. To make  the apple card: Take a cream A5 folded blank card. Cut out a pair of green apple shapes, about 4cm x 4cm, dipping down in the top and bottom centre.

2. Stick one of the apple pieces in position on your card using a glue stick. To create the 3D effect, stick a 1mm piece of double-sided tape, or a line of PVA glue, along the centre of the apple. Cut a length of string the height of the apple plus approximately 1cm for a stalk. Stick the string down the centre of the apple with the stalk protruding above the top.

3. Cut a 3mm-wide piece of double-sided tape and stick along the string. Fold the matching top apple in half lengthways, and position on top of the string, pressing firmly.