Making a bread basket is easy using card and scraps of pretty fabric

Paper tray

In this simple step-by-step project we show you how to make a bread basket with craft materials that you’ll probably already have around the house. This pretty bread basket is perfect for serving afternoon treats in, fresh bread with dinner, or even to use as an alternative to a tray for breakfast in bed.

Find your favourite fabric and hunt out some pretty ribbon for a finished product you’re sure to love.

This is so simple it’s a perfect project to make with children too!

How To Make: A bread basket


    • A2 card
    • Craft knife
    • Scissors
    • Double sided tape
    • Hole punch
    • Fabric
    • Ribbon


1. Take an A2 piece of 500g card. Draw a rectangle 30 x 24cm for basket base and add 8cm all round for the sides.

2. Cut out, then cut an 8cm square from each corner. Using a craft knife or sharp scissors, score gently around the base lines, enabling you to fold the sides up easily.

3. Place card on wrong side of your chosen outer fabric and draw round it, adding a 1.5cm allowance all round. Cut out fabric. Repeat process for lining fabric.

4. Put double-sided tape around the inside edge of your card. Lay the card centrally on the wrong side of the outer fabric and fold the excess fabric over to the inside edges, mitreing the corners, and securing fabric on the tape.

5. Apply more double-sided tape on top of the stuck down fabric. Press seam allowance on lining to the wrong side, then carefully stick lining in place on the inside of the basket.

6. Using a hole punch, make one hole in each corner of the side edges and, if you have some, use eyelet pliers to punch eyelets into the holes.

7. Fold up the sides and thread ribbon through two adjacent holes at each corner. Tie ribbon ends together to keep sides in place.

8. Simply untie ribbon ends to store the basket flat.