Making this intricate butterfly card isn't as trick as it looks, we show you how!

Butterfly birthday card

Make sure your cards are as beautiful as they can be by following our easy three-step guide on how to make this gorgeous butterfly card. It might look complicated, but we promise it’s really rather simple!

Once you’ve made one you’ll be able to make others in no time at all – at the drop of a hat, for any special occasion.

Crafting for a morning or afternoon is one of our favourite ways to pass the time, giving a wonderful outcome, some creative expression and also helping to maintain fine motor skills. So, not only is crafting fun, it’s also good for you!

With that in mind, what are you waiting for? Have a go at this lovely craft by follow our three super simple steps below!


    • Pastel-coloured paper
    • Shaped blank card
    • Die cutting machine or scissors
    • Ribbon
    • Clear adhesive
    • Paper punch
    • Butterfly stamp
    • Glue gel
    • Message sticker
    • Bow
    • Adhesive pearls


1. Using pretty, pastel-coloured paper, cover the front of a shaped blank card, or make your own using a die cutting machine or a pair of scissors.

2. Apply ribbon with small dots of glue in two bands at the top and bottom of the card then, coordinating paper to create blocks, rounding off the corners of each block with a paper punch or scissors.

3. Stamp butterflies on the front and colour tint the edges of the blocks for a nice contrast. Stamp an additional butterfly and cut out, then apply to the design with glue gel. Finish with a message sticker, bow and adhesive pearls.

There, that wasn’t too hard, was it? Now the only problem is who to part with it for, it would be ok to keep it for yourself if you can’t decide!