This button heart cushion is so simple to make and will really brighten up a sofa or bed


Button heart cushion

This gorgeous looking cushion cover really doesn’t take much work but gives amazing results. If you’re a beginner and don’t want to make the cushion cover, you can simply embellish an existing cushion.

We love this all red version but the design is really up to you, you could use a mixture of coloured  buttons on a white cushion if you’re making it for a child or fancy a brighter option.

You could make it in any colour really, the great thing about this craft is that whatever shape, size or colour of beads you use, your results will always be fantastic!

If you’ve already got your fair share of cushions then why not spread the love and make it for a friend?


    • Half metre dark red fabric
    • Medium buttons with stars pattern
    • Medium buttons with engraved flowers
    • Small buttons with engraved flowers
    • Small star buttons
    • Small pearlised buttons
    • Tiny buttons
    • Heart-shaped shell buttons
    • Matching sewing threads
    • Bugle beads, petrol, 22g tube
    • 40 x 40cm Cumulus cushion pad


1. Cut one piece of fabric 41cm x 41cm for the front panel.

2 Sew the buttons in place, using our photograph as a guide.

3. Cut two further pieces from the fabric, one at 41cm x 20cm, one at 41cm x 33cm. Pin and machine stitch a hem along one long edge of each piece and press.

4. Overlap these pieces so that when pinned they form the envelope back of the cushion, measuring 41cm square.

5. Place the front panel on top of this (right sides together) and pin, then machine stitch around the outside.

6. Snip triangles from the corners to reduce bulk, remove pins and turn right-side out.

7. Place cushion pad inside cover.

TIP: You can use any buttons you like for this project – it’s ideal for using up spare ones from your sewing kit.

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