Make December even more magical by creating one an easy-to-make Christmas Advent calendar

You’ll be able to bring these Christmas Advent calendars out year after year to fill with festive goodies and a proverb or joke.

Make a Christmas Advent calendar

This crafty calendar is a stylish way to count down to Christmas


You will need
● 7 small white doilies
● 25 small brown paper bags
● 25 plain cream gift tags
● Red and brown ink-pads
● Number and picture stamps
● Red and white twine
● Natural twine
● 5 small wooden stars
● 50 x 70cm frame
● String of LED fairy lights
● A2 sheet of cream card
● 25 mini pegs
● Scissors
● Glue stick
● Sticky tape
● Chocolate coins and candy canes

1 Fold the doilies in half and cut along the fold. Glue a half doily on to 13 of the small paper bags, trimming them to fit.

2 Once the glue has dried, lay out the bags in five rows of five. Position a small or medium-sized gift tag on each.

3 Using red and brown ink-pads, stamp ascending numbers on to each tag.

Stamp a festive picture on to the medium-sized tags, then glue the tags to the bags.

4 Tie the red and white twine and the natural twine into 25 small bows. Alternate the bows, then glue to the hole on each gift tag.

Glue a wooden star (or other embellishment) to one bag in each row. Leave to dry.

5 Remove the backing board, mount and glass from the frame.

Starting at a bottom corner, attach a length of fairy lights around the inside edges of the frame using sticky tape.

6 Position the bags on the sheet of card.

Once you’re happy with the spacing, attach five lengths of red and white twine across the card, securing on the other side with sticky tape (or a staple gun).

7 Place the card and the backing board into the frame. Peg each bag to the twine in order.

Fill the bags with chocolate coins, candy canes or anything you fancy – just make sure it’s not too heavy.

Note: Use LED fairy lights – they’re safer as they don’t heat up, and they won’t melt the chocolate.

If you find using a glue stick gets a bit messy when gluing the doilies, try using spray
adhesive instead.

You could use envelopes instead of paper bags.

Tiny Twinkle Toes

You will need
● 25 baby socks
● 3m festive twine or ribbon
● Numbered pegs
● 31 mini baubles
● Thread
● Scissors
● Chocolate coins, candy canes and other light-weight treats

1 Lay out the socks in two rows, one of 12 and one of 13, alternating patterns
and colours.

2 Once you’re happy with the order and spacing, cut two lengths of twine or ribbon, measuring it to the length of the rows of socks, and leaving approximately 20cm on either side for hanging.

3 Using numbered pegs, attach the socks to the twine in ascending order. Tie a mini bauble between each sock, adding two baubles at both ends of the twine.

4 Hang the lengths along the mantel, down the banisters or on a wall. Stuff the socks with Christmas goodies!


Fill the sock toes with stuffing to make them appear as if they’re crammed with
Christmas treats.

Make A Christmas Advent calendar