Come Christmas time, there's nothing better than making special flower displays for your home, why not try having a go at making this gorgeous wreath?

Christmas Wreath | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Flowers

We teamed up with M&S Flower Expert Simon Richards to bring you a beautiful festive floral garland made with blooms you can buy instore.

So, join us as we show you how to make a fabulous, festive and floral Christmas wreath.

M&S flowers expert Simon arrived early with all the fresh flowers and foliage he would need to make an exclusive Christmas wreath for Woman’s Weekly.

After unpacking all his materials, he set to work, separating each bloom, stripping away leaves that would not be needed and trimming the stems.


  • Basic wreath from florists (Simon used a 50cm-wide wreath)
  • 8 stems of rose hips
  • 2 stems of ilex berries
  • 1 bunch Shimmer Eucalyptus Foliage
  • 9 roses
  • Sharp scissors
  • 1.5m of 2in-wide wired ribbon
  • Garden or florist’s wire
  • Ribbon to tie to door knocker


1. Trim the stems of the rose hips to around 3cm and cut away the thorns. Keeping your wreath flat, put two stems of rose hips together and push through the wreath to secure.

Repeat with another three groups so that you have four in all.

Preparation for Christmas wreath | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Flowers

2. Next, trim the ilex berry stems (around six bunches) to around 3cm and then fill the gaps around the wreath the same way as in Step 1, leaving a gap for your ribbon.

3. Moving on to the Shimmer Eucalyptus, snip stems to around 15cm, remove foliage from the bottom 8cm and place around the wreath, using our picture as a guide. Keep your work symmetric.

Make a Christmas wreath berries and roses  | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Flower arranging

4. You want the rose stems to be around 10cm long – cut them at an angle and push three groups of three into the wreath, making sure the stems don’t show through.

5. Finally, tie a bow with the wired ribbon and, using garden wire, fix firmly in place. All you have to do now is attach to your front door, adding LED fairy lights if you want some extra sparkle.

Marks and Spencer flower expert SimonMarks & Spencer flower expert Simon has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to buds and blooms, and arranging bouquets to look as beautiful as can be.