If you’ve made your own knitted Clanger from the free BBC pattern, then here are our tips on making the Clanger outfit to match

Tiny Clanger

Tiny Clanger has a pink and gold outfit © BBC Pictures

Deputy Craft Editor Esme Clemo set about stitching the Clanger outfit that’s included with the BBC’s free Tiny Clanger knitting pattern. All you need is a little pink felt and some gold metallic yarn to make a Clanger ensemble, nothing a rummage amongst your craft scraps won’t turn up!

Start by cutting out the paper pattern. Lay out the paper pieces on your bright pink felt, pin in place and then cut out the number of each specified.

Cut out the clanger outfit pattern to make a clanger

Once you have cut out the felt sections, it’s time to thread your needle with the gold metallic yarn and work a series of backstitches around each piece. Use a needle with a large eye to make it easier to thread the yarn through.

How to embroider clanger clothes

If you need some tips for backstitch, then take a look at our embroidery stitch guide or the picture below. Working from right to left, put your needle into the fabric, as shown, and bring it out at the first dot. Then put your needle into the fabric beside your stitch and bring it out at the second dot. Remember it’s important to be accurate when stitching felt as a misplaced stitch will mark the material.

Woman's Weekly Stitch Guide: How To Do BackstitchAfter the backstitched edging, it’s time to embroider the front centre panel of the Tiny Clanger tabard with two musical notes.

Embroider the musical notes onto the front of the clanger outfit

Transfer the BBC template to the felt with a pencil and satin stitch the design using our satin stitch guide and the diagram below. Work straight, parallel stitches closely together to resemble the musical notes – there should be no gaps between stitches. Try to keep all the edges smooth and just taught enough to ensure all your stitches lie flat. You can make satin stitch in any shape, simple vary the lengths of each stitch.

How to do a satin stitch.This can be fiddly with the thick yarn and needle so take your time and don’t rush this part. If you’re finding it too tricky, use gold metallic embroidery thread instead as it will be easier to stitch with a thinner needle.

Attach the clanger outfit to make a clanger body

Position the tabard pieces onto the knitted Clanger and pin. Complete your Clanger by sewing the outfit sections in place using brown yarn.

We’re so glad Clangers are back! Peter Firmin’s wife Joan knitted the original characters and designed their 1960s outfits, inspired by Twiggy.