This eclectic cushion is great to use up fabric remnants from other craft projects

Make a cushion from fabric remnants


  • 50cm of 140cm-wide cream soft furnishing fabric
  • Scraps of five plain and patterned lightweight fabric approx. 40 x 30cm rectangles, eg, voile, crêpe, slipper satin
  • Paper and a pencil
    Matching sewing threads
  • 40cm-square cushion pad

Cutting out

1. Cut one 43cm square for the front of the cushion and two 43 x 29cm rectangles for the back from the cream fabric.

2. Cut six triangles and five squares from the lightweight fabrics, using our photo as a guide. To avoid fraying, don’t cut the edges parallel with the fabric grain.

Appliquéing the fabric remnants

1. With the right sides facing up, arrange the triangles and squares on the front cushion piece, allowing them to overlap the outer edges in places.

When you are happy with the arrangement, make a rough sketch of the positioning of the triangles and squares – or take a photo.

2. Remove all but the bottom layer of the squares and triangles. Pin the bottom layer to the front cushion piece, taking care to keep the edges straight because they will be liable to stretch and distort. Stitch in place, taking a 5mm seam allowance.

3. Refer to your sketch (or photo) to add the other squares and triangles, one by one, in the same way. Cut any pieces overlapping the front level at the outer edges.

How to make the fabric remnant cushion

1. Press under 1cm then 1.5cm on one long edge of the backs of the cushion pieces. Stitch close to the inner pressed edges to hem the backs.

2. Pin the front and back cushion pieces together with the right sides facing, overlapping the hemmed edges. Stitch the outer edges, taking 1.5cm seam allowance.

3. Clip the corners, then turn the cushion the right side out. Insert the cushion pad.


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