This cheery chap is sure to brighten up any little one's desk

Dinosaur boxThis dinosaur box would make a great craft project for kids, with a little help from you, and they’ll love keeping their treasures in it.

Why not have them do some research on their favourite dinosaur? They could then try to make their box look as much like their chosen dinosaur as possible by changing the colours and shapes of the markings, the length of the neck and tail and maybe even the base shape of the body?

If you’re feel particularly ambitious then you could even make these as kids’ party bags, as they’re fairly easy and inexpensive to put together. We can imagine you’d have a lot of happy campers leaving your house if you used these as party bags.


    • Plain maché box
    • Green acrylic paint
    • Green foam
    • Blue foam
    • Fine black marker pen
    • Foam paint or nail varnish


1. Paint the box with two coats of green acrylic paint, then allow to dry. Make sure it’s nicely coated, and none of the base colour is showing.

2. Using our picture as a guide, cut two identical head shapes, two tails and two spiky bodies from green foam, and cut five small triangles from blue foam. You could always print shapes off of the internet to trace, which will give you cleaner lines. Stick the green matching shapes together, then attach them with clear glue and the blue triangles to the box.

3. Using a fine black marker pen, either draw or stick on the two eyes and draw a smiling (or scary!) mouth.

4. Use foam paint or nail varnish to create the scales effect over the whole box and leave to dry.

There you have it, the perfect desk tidy, treasure chest or jewellery box!