Delight any child with this novel drum gift box

Drum gift boxEasy to make and a great way to disguise a present for a child or a music fan, this gift box is sure to hit the right note!


We love this classic red, blue and gold combination but you could tailor your drum gift box to whatever you think the lucky recipient would like, how about purple and silver or gold and pink? Whichever colour you choose you can be sure it’ll look impressive.

Once you’ve used this box to give a gift in it can then be used as a storage box, for things like desk bits and bobs, small toys or treats – really you’re giving a double present!

Don’t worry if you don’t have an awl, just make sure to buy a slightly thinner box that you’ll be able to pierce with a thick needle or something sharp.

This box will even sound vaguely like a drum when hit on the lid, which is just another reason why we think it’s the best way ever to wrap a gift for a music lover!


    • Acrylic paints
    • Round box (selection of round boxes)
    • 2.5cm-wide red grosgrain ribbon
    • 1.2cm-wide ribbon
    • Gold cord
    • Fabric glue
    • Awl (a tool to pierce the box)
    • Brass paper fastener


1. Paint the side of a round box blue and the lid white. Leave to dry. Glue the grosgrain ribbon around the lid rim and 1.2cm-wide ribbon around the box base with fabric glue. Put the lid on the box.

2. Divide the box circumference into sixths and pierce a hole at the divisions 6mm below the lid.

3. Pierce holes 6mm above the base ribbon between the top hole positions. Insert a brass paper fastener through each hole. Bind gold cord between the fasteners, tie the ends together. Splay open the fastener prongs inside the box.