This simple craft cushion will add a splash of colour to any room

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Made with brightly coloured felt circles, this craft cushion project is easy to do and has a real wow factor. Try using different coloured felt circles to match your room’s colour scheme or opt for neutral cream and white shades if colour isn’t your thing.



    • 2 x felt squares in: yellow, lime green, aqua, lavender and purple


    • Medium weight fabric measuring 40 x 100cm (we used a linen mix in turquoise)


    • 40cm cushion pad


    • Matching sewing thread


    • Tacky craft glue


    • Tin can measuring approx 7.5cm in diameter


    • Pen


    • Scissors


    • Scrap paper



1. For the craft cushion front: Cut one 39.5cm square piece of fabric. For the craft cushion back: Cut two rectangles measuring 39.5 x 29cm.

2. Turn in 2cm twice to the wrong side of one long edge of both the back pieces, press and pin. Machine-stitch the two hems.

3. Place the front piece right side up, then place the two back pieces right side down, so that the hemmed edges overlap in the middle.

4. Pin and sew round the outside edges, using a 1cm seam allowance. Snip the corners, turn right sides out and press.

5. To make the felt circles place the can on to a piece of felt and draw round. Repeat to create nine circles. Carefully cut out the circles. Repeat on the remaining four pieces of coloured felt.

6. Place a sheet of paper inside the craft cushion cover for protection. Then arrange the circles on the cushion front to get an indication of the spacing.

7. Starting with the bottom row, apply a little glue to one edge of each yellow circle and position. Start with a row of five, then a row of four, then five, four, and so on.

8. When the glue is dry, remove the paper and insert the cushion pad.

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