These fish bags with drawstring fastening make  ideal laundry holders and are fun for all the family

How to make a fish bag for your laundry

Materials: how to make a fish bag


    • Fish template


    • ½m of patterned cotton fabric – our bags measure 66cm from top to tail


    • Pencil


    • Scissors


    • Pins


    • Sewing machine


    • Cotton thread


    • White and black felt


    • 2m of ribbon or cord


    • Safety pin


Enlarge this template on a photocopier. You can enlarge it to whatever size you like – larger for a laundry bag, smaller for a washbag.

How to sew a fish bag using our template

Making the fish bag

1. Fold a length of fabric in half and press flat. Print the fish template to your desired size, and cut out. Place the template on top of the fabric, draw around and cut out two fish pieces.

2. Along the longer side of a fish piece, measure down 5cm from the top. Cut 1cm into the fabric. Fold and press 5mm, and then again to enclose the raw edges. Sew to secure in place. Repeat for the opposite side, and again on the other fish fabric piece.

Next, fold over the top edge of the fish piece to meet at the point of the side slits, and sew in place. Do the same on the other fish piece.

3. Pin the fish pieces right sides together, and sew 5mm around the edge, leaving the top open. Turn the bag right side out, and press flat.

4. Draw and cut out a circular piece of white felt and a smaller circle of black felt for the fish’s eye. Pin the white circle to one of the fabric pieces and blanket stitch in place. Then sew the black circle to the middle of the white one.

5. Take a 2m length of ribbon and attach one end to a safety pin. Thread through the bag casing, come full circle and go round again. Tie a knot at the loose ends, then pull to draw the bag tight.