Make this beautiful flower Christmas wreath for your front door in ten easy steps
Christmas Wreath

This beautiful floral craft idea could also make a stunning flower arrangement for your table. We like to put a candle in the middle of ours, making sure of course that it’s tall enough not to singe any flowers or foliage!


  • 12” oasis ring with tray
  • seasonal foliage – we used eucalyptus and berried ivy
  • 6 cymbidium orchids
  • 9 pink roses
  • 9 lilac roses
  • 9 bright pink roses
  • 7 gold apple picks
  • 6 sparkly poinsettia picks
  • Pink ribbon
  • Green ribbon for hanging
  • Florists stub wires
  • Florist scissors or secateurs


1 Soaking oasis and preparing foliage

Place the oasis face down in a bowl of water and allow the oasis to gradually sink as it absorbs water. Do not be tempted to push it down as air bubbles will form. In the meantime prepare your chosen foliage – we used eucalyptus and berried ivy – by cutting sprigs and leaves about 12cm in length. Cut ends at an angle and keep free from leaves ready to insert into wreath. Prepare fresh flowers in the same way.

 2 First foliage

Place oasis right side up on a protected surface. Start inserting a sprig of eucalyptus and then a sprig of berried ivy around the side edge, working in a line centrally around the ring and angling the foliage downwards to cover tray. Turn the wreath as you work.

3 Working the edges

Working centrally round the inner edge of the ring, insert a few sprigs of eucalyptus all the way round.  Trim if necessary. Then add a row of ivy leaves fanning outwards around the outer edge of the ring top, turning the wreath as you work.

4 Building up the foliage

Working round the top of the ring, insert sprigs of berried ivy in a zig-zag pattern. Turn the wreath as you work and make sure that you leave gaps between the greenery. Trim sprig ends if necessary to ensure a soft dome shape is forming round the ring.

5 Adding a hanging loop

Decide where the top of your wreath will be and loop a length of green ribbon, the required size, round it. Tie ribbon ends together and hide ends in foliage leaving a small hanging loop at the top. Then add sprigs of eucalyptus at angles between the ivy sprigs, working quite freely round the ring edges to enhance the soft dome shape of the wreath.

6 Adding lines of fresh flowers

Insert a line of three lilac roses across the dome of the wreath. Repeat twice to form two more lines, all evenly spaced around the wreath.

7 Building colour and texture

Between the lines of roses, add groups of three pink roses inserted individually but grouped together to one side of the line. Then add the orchids in pairs spaced the other side of the line.

8 Added colour

Insert single bright pink roses round the wreath filling any obvious gaps.

9 Added sparkle

Insert gold apple picks around the wreath and sparkly flower picks around the inner and outer edges.

10 Finishing touches

Add a final touch of colour with a sumptuous pink ribbon bow. Tie 80cm length of pink ribbon into a large bow and fold a stub wire over bow centre and twist ends together. Wrap ribbon round bow centre for a neater finish. Insert bow into wreath.

Wreath design and flowers supplied by Jo and Nicky at Gadsden Flowers