Gift wrap your present and, for a personal touch, add this pretty fabric flowers

Our flower is an anemone but you can make your own favourite flower following our simple step-by-step below. How about adding more petals for a rose or using long white petals for a lily?

Once you’ve wrapped a present like this once you are sure to want to make every gift extra special from then on. It really doesn’t take much extra time at all but looks so impressive, whoever you’re giving it to will be so pleased with that little extra effort to make their gift really special.

If it’s a really big present remember to alter the size of the flower, so it doesn’t look tiny compared to the whole package. The same goes for small presents, simply adjust the size of your trimming to suit the dimensions of your gift.


    • Black and pink felt
    • All-purpose glue
    • Black pompom
    • Pink ribbon


1. Cut a fringe along one long edge of a 6 x 2cm strip of black felt. Use all-purpose glue to stick the fringe around a 1.2cm black pompon to form the flower centre.

2. Cut six ovals from pink felt for the petals (each 4 x 3cm). Glue three of them around the flower centre, glue the other three between the first petals.

3. Wrap gift, tie with pink ribbon and then glue on the flower.

Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the praise to roll in from whoever is getting your lovely gift!