We'll show you the steps needed to transform a plastic bottle to make an adorable fox toy using felt

Felt fox toy

Create this fun fox toy by covering an old plastic bottle with felt. Then upcycle all sorts of packaging to make a whole collection of creatures!

You will need

✤ Tape measure
✤ Tracing paper and pencil
✤ 500ml empty, clean plastic bottle
✤ Two 30cm squares of russet felt
✤ 10cm square of black felt
✤ 20 x 10cm rectangle of white felt
✤ One button, about the same width as bottle opening
✤ Two 9mm black buttons
✤ Two plastic drinking straws
✤ All-purpose household glue
✤ Matching sewing threads

Making paper patterns

Enlarge the patterns to your preferred size. Trace off pattern pieces, placing the tail piece on folded tracing paper, matching the fold line to the fold.

Cut out the patterns and open out flat.

Cutting out

Measure the height of the bottle, making sure you do so along the bottle contours – this is measurement A.

Measure the bottle circumference – this is measurement B. From russet felt, cut one rectangle A + 7cm x B + 2cm for the body, four 7.5 x 5.5cm rectangles for the legs, two ears and one tail.

From black felt, cut one circle 3cm wider than the bottle opening. From white felt, cut two cheeks and one tail tip.

Making the fox toy

1. Discard the lid. Wrap the body around the bottle, overlapping and glueing the long edges, having the felt extend beyond the base enough to cover it.

Glue the felt in neat folds over the base.

2. With the bottle laying flat and the overlap underneath, make two cuts into the felt about  6cm long from the bottle opening along the top of the bottle.

Tuck excess felt under the cuts to fit the shape of the neck.

Repeat on the bottom of the neck. Push the extending felt into the opening.

Stitch around the circumference of the black circle, place the large button on the centre and pull up the gathers tightly to cover it.

Secure the thread.

Glue to the bottle opening. Press under 6mm on the straight edges of the ears. Pin the ears and small buttons as eyes to the body.

Glue in place.

3. Cut four 5.5cm lengths of drinking straws for the legs.

Apply glue sparingly to one leg felt. Roll the leg felt around one straw with the edges level.

Repeat to make four legs. Pin the legs upright under the fox. When you are happy with their position, sew the top of the legs to the body.

4. Glue the cheeks to the body below the eyes and the tail tip to the tail. Press the tail lengthwise in half.

Glue the tail base to the end of the body and the tip to one side.