This pretty girls’ skirt, with matching pocket and trim, is easy to make – you don’t even need a pattern


How to make a girls skirt with elastic waistband and pocketMaterials


    • Cotton fabric for the main skirt


    • Coordinating cotton fabric for the trim and pocket


    • 2.5cm-wide elastic


    • Matching button


    • Matching sewing thread


    • Sewing machine


    • Scissors


    • Pins

Note: Use 1cm seam allowances throughout. This girls’ skirt measures approx 58cm long. For a shorter girls skirt reduce the length of the main skirt fabric.

Cutting out


    • For the main skirt: Measure the circumference of your waist. From the main fabric, cut two pieces each measuring your waist circumference across, adding 2cm for seam allowances, and 58cm in length.


    • For the hem trim: Cut two pieces of contrasting fabric to the same width as the main skirt and 22cm in length.


    • For the pocket: Cut a 15 x 25cm piece of contrasting fabric.


    • Cut a length of elastic measuring your waist circumference plus 1cm.



1. Place the two main fabric pieces right sides together and machine-stitch down each side. Machine zigzag the raw edges.

2. Place the hem trim pieces right sides together and sew down each short edge.

3. Fold the hem trim in half lengthways, with the wrong sides together, and press.

4. Place the folded hem trim on to the bottom of the main skirt, matching the side seams and lower raw edges, pin and machine-stitch all the way round.

5. Zigzag the raw edges together, turn the hem trim down and press. Machine top stitch, just above the seam line.

6. Fold 1cm, then 4cm on to the wrong side at the top edge of the skirt, press and pin. Machine-stitch close to the lower turning to create the channel for the elastic, leaving a 4cm gap at one side for threading through.

7. For the pocket, press and tack 1cm to the wrong side along the two long edges and one short edge. Press 1cm, then 5cm on to the wrong side at the top of the pocket and machine-stitch in place. Turn the top edge 4cm down on to the right side of the pocket, press and tack.

8. Position the pocket on the skirt and pin in place. Machine-stitch along the bottom and side edges of the pocket. Sew a matching button to the top of the pocket and remove the tacking stitches.

9. Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and thread through the channel at the top of the skirt. Even out the gathers. Cross the elastic ends together and try the skirt on to check that it’s a comfortable fit. Overlap and sew the elastic ends together, trimming off any excess, then sew the gap closed.

10. Finally, team your girls’ skirt with a plain T-shirt and wear with pride!