Creating your own handbag charms by making pom-poms or tassels from faux-leather is simple

Handbag charm duo

Looking for a quick way to jazz up any outfit? We suggest making yourself a sophisticated handbag charm featuring a tassel or pom-pom.

The tassel key takes 20-30 minutes to make, while you can whip up the pom-pom design in 10-20 minutes.

Tassel key ring

You will need:

  • A4 sheet of pleather
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Scissors (or craft knife and cutting mat)
  • Glue gun or superglue suitable for pleather
  • Swivel key ring

1 From the pleather, cut two rectangles – one 27 x 10cm and one 1 x 4cm. On the reverse of the large rectangle, use a ruler to measure 3cm down along the longer top edge.

Draw a straight line, then mark every 5mm along this line.

2 Use scissors or a craft knife, ruler and cutting mat to cut straight lines up to the drawn line to create the fringing.

3 Take the smaller rectangle and glue it in place at one end of the fringing, then feed the small rectangle through the loop of the key ring. Fold the small rectangle down and glue in place.

4 Starting at the end with the key ring, begin rolling the tassel.

Try to keep the top of the tassel level as you roll. When you reach the end, use a little glue to stick in place.

5 To decorate the tassel, cut a few strips of different coloured pleather and glue them around the top of the tassel. Use the same method to create longer or shorter tassels.

Pom-pom handbag charm

Pom-pom keyring

You will need:

  • Faux-fur pom-pom
  • Needle and matching embroidery thread
  • Key ring with chain

1 Take the pom-pom and pass the needle and thread through from the top to the bottom and then back to the top.

2 Thread the needle and thread through the bottom loop of the key ring.

Tie the two ends of the threads together with a double knot – this will attach the key ring to the pom-pom.

Instead of cutting off the thread, pass it back through the pom-pom, then trim it at the base. This makes it more secure than having loose threads.