Create a pretty memo board using an embroidery hoop, a scrap of fabric and a piece of cork

Organise your home in style with this gorgeouse homemade memo board. Try experimenting with different coloured paints, patterned fabrics and button push pins to give our memo board project a look that’s unique to you!

Make a memo board with an embroidery hoop

To make the memo board you will need

  • 12in embroidery hoop
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Cork tile
  • Glue stick
  • Floral fat quarter
  • Pink ribbon
  • Hot melt glue gun

Wooden 12in embroidery hoop, £2.79, fat quarters, £7 for pack of six, ribbon, from a selection, all Hobbycraft ( Banana yellow acrylic paint, £1.25 for 2oz, Docrafts ( Cork tiles, £9.99 for a 0.84sq m pack, Homebase (

Instructions to make the memo board

1. Unscrew the embroidery hoop and remove the inner section. Discard the outer hoop, then paint the inner hoop with yellow acrylic paint and allow to dry. Apply more coats of paint for a brighter finish on your final memo board.

2. Place the painted hoop on a cork tile and draw around the inner ring. Cut out, then apply some glue to the surface of the cork circle. Lay the floral fat quarter over the top and smooth out any bumps.

3. Cut a length of pink ribbon and loop under the yellow-painted hoop.

4. Place the fabric-covered cork inside the painted hoop. Turn it over and pull the fabric taut all the way round. Cut the excess fabric, then using a hot melt glue gun, apply a line of glue around the inner edge to hold it securely in place.

5. To make some decorative push pins, simply glue buttons to the heads of drawing pins. Once dry, you can start pinning up pretty pictures, postcards and memorabilia.

Once you’ve made one pretty memo board, you can have a go at making a selection of embroidery hoop boards in various sizes, colours and fabrics and hang them all together on a wall to create a gorgeous display.