Make a homemade advent calendar decoration from mini buckets and pretty ribbon

Advent calendar buckets

Make your advent extra special this year with a homemade calendar. With it’s festive colours an unique design, this homemade advent calendar is sure to be quite a talking point in your house.

Forget the chocolate and fill with little treats and trinkets. You could try pretty pebbles, small stuffed toys, hair clips, sugared almonds or homemade vouchers for activities like an indoor picnic or a cinema trip! The limits are endless so let your imagination run wild! For an inexpensive option you could think about giving small pieces of a puzzle each day to make up one large thing at the end, you could use a classic wooden puzzle, or make it lego pieces of a big project piece for a fun alternative for little boys.


  • Mini buckets
  • Coloured card
  • Gingham ribbon


1. Buy 24 mini buckets in white, silver and red.

2. Either draw freehand or trace the numbers 1 to 24 onto an even mix of red, green and white card, making sure that the numbers will fit onto the buckets.

3. Cut out and glue the red numbers to the silver buckets, the green to white and white to red. Allow to dry.

4. Tie a length of gingham ribbon to each bucket. Starting with number one thread or tie the buckets onto a long length of ribbon and hang along a mantelpiece or a wall.

5. Fill the buckets with festive goodies like chocolate coins and candy canes.

Project and photography courtesy of Hobbycraft