We share two beautiful Mother's Day card ideas for you to try this year

Mother's Day card

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to show your mum just how much you appreciate her, and what’s more thoughtful than making a handmade Mother’s Day card? She’ll love the thought and time you’ve put into making sure she has the best day possible and we’re sure she’ll treasure it for years to come.

This homemade Mother’s Day card idea is relatively simple so would also make a good project to make with children. Scrunching up the tissue paper flowers and dunking them in glue is messy, but also great fun and they’re sure to have a fabulous time getting mucky, while making a beautiful card at the same time!

Once you’ve made the basic card you could try personalising it to your, or your mum’s, tastes. What about adding some text? You could use a stencil, cut out lettering from card or use letter stickers to spell out ‘Happy Mother’s Day’, or something similar. We’ve got another lovely idea, scroll down a bit further to see it! Which do you think your mum would prefer?

Materials for our flower card

    • 13.5 x 21cm piece of card
    • 3cm square of patterned paper
    • Glue
    • 10 x 7.5cm piece of white textured paper
    • Green paper, for leaves
    • 1 cm-square pieces of coloured tissue paper, for flowers

Instructions for our flower card

1. Fold the 13.5 x 21cm piece of card in half lengthways to form a card.

2. Cut the patterned paper and trim the side edges at an angle to form a pot shape. Glue pot centrally on to the white textured paper, 1 cm from the lower edge.

3. From green paper, cut out simple leaf shapes and arrange above the pot. Glue in place.

4. For flowers, scrunch up coloured tissue paper and glue in place over the leaf shapes.

5. For buds, scrunch up the tissue more tightly. Leave to dry, then glue the white paper panel centrally on to the card front. Finally, write your greeting inside.

Looking for more Mother’s Day card ideas? Delight your mum with this handmade dress card


Every mum loves to be made things by their children! This card is the ideal way to show your mum you care and is perfect for this year if you’re looking for Mother’s Day card ideas!

Pick a pretty wrapping paper for the dress to make the card as stunning as possible. We love this floral pattern but you could style the dress on your mum’s favourite outfit for a fun twist!

When looking for card to make this with, ensure you buy it thick enough so that the card will stand, if it’s too thin the card might not stand up well.

Follow the easy step-by-step guide below to make your mother’s day card…

Materials for our dress card


    • Wrapping Paper
    • Card
    • Coloured sheet paper
    • Scissors
    • PVA glue
    • Printer

Instructions for our dress card

1. Make a template by printing out and tracing or enlarging the silhouette of the dress card from the photo above and then cutting it out

2. Take an A4 sheet of card and fold in half so that the shortest sides meet.

3. Place your template on the card with the straps of the dress lined up along the fold. Draw around the template and transfer the dress shape on to the card.

4. Cut the shape out carefully; do not cut along the shoulders.

5. Open the dress out flat and apply a thin layer of PVA glue or spray mount to one side of the dress.
6. Lay the dress glue side down on to the wrong side of the wrapping paper.

7. Once dry, cut carefully around the dress, trimming off the excess paper.

8. To make the sash, your message can be handwritten or printed from a computer (we’ve used Arial font at 16 point).

9. Cut band on the waist slightly wider than the ties. Glue and position on to the waist of the dress.