All you need are simple sewing skills and a pillow case and we'll be able to show you how to make a laundry bag!

This is the perfect craft to make use of any pillowcases which might be wearing a little thin at the edges. Choose a pretty patterned case to make your finished washing bag look as cheerful and colourful as possible.

As these laundry bags won’t hold a great deal you could make one for whites, one for colours and one for dark washes. You could then add your own touch by embroidering or stitching on the coordinating words to the bags.

Alternatively you could make one for each of your family members, you never know it could even encourage them to be more tidy – you can dream!

The good news is that you don’t have to be a sewing expert either, all this project needs is a simple running stitch and even if you’re not the best sewer in the world your stitches will look as though they were meant to be ‘rustic’.


    • Pillow case
    • 2.5cm ribbon
    • 1.5cm of coordinating ribbon
    • Needle and matching sewing thread
    • Scissors


1. Take a pretty pillowcase and cut a length of 2.5cm wide ribbon twice its width plus 2cm.

2. Fold over 1cm at each raw end of ribbon and press.

3. Starting at one side edge of the pillowcase, position ribbon 4cm down from the open top edge and tack ribbon all the way round.

4. Stitch in place along both edges of ribbon to form a channel.

5. Cut a length of 1.5cm wide ribbon and use a safety pin attached to one end to thread ribbon through channel at side opening.

6. Overlap ribbon ends by 1cm and stitch together.

7. Feed ends back through channel so the join is no longer visible.

8. Draw the ribbon to close bag and you’re done!