Create a lovely laundry basket liner with ties in a fun fabric

How to make a laundry basket liner


  • Cotton fabric – we used ‘River Fish’ £20 a metre, Cath Kidston
  • Laundry basket: we used a lined wicker laundry basket H30 x W65 x D45cm, £25, Tesco, sprayed white
  • Matching cotton bunting tape or binding
  • Matching bias binding
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Dressmaker’s pattern paper (larger than your basket)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Safety pin

Note: Our basket already had a lining, so this was used as a guide.


1. Remove the lining from the basket, noting the seam allowance, then unpick the stitching and press. Use these pieces as a pattern for your new lining.

2. Place and pin the base piece and two side pieces on to your fabric, extending the height of your side pieces by 6cm, so that more fabric is visible around the outside edges of the basket. Cut out the three fabric pieces.

3. Sew the two side pieces together down each side, with right sides facing and using the same seam allowance as on the original lining. Press the seam allowances open.

4. Fold the oval base piece in half lengthways and mark on the fold at each side. Pin the base piece to the sides, right sides facing, matching the side seams to the marked sides of the base piece, and machine-stitch.

Bag handle diagram

Bag handle diagram

Shape your fabric around the handles of your basket

5. Place the lining into the basket and mark the position of the handles. Remove the lining and cut two ‘U’ shapes at each end, where marked, measuring approximately 14cm long and 2.5cm wide, to create the openings for the handles – see handle diagram above.

Open the bias binding and pin, right sides together, around the four handle openings and machine-stitch. Turn bindings to the wrong side, pin and machine-stitch again.

6. Fold 1cm and then 3cm on to the wrong side at all four top edges. Pin and top stitch close to the fold, to create a channel for the drawstrings.

7. Estimate how much drawstring tape you require: measure the length of the top
of each of your two sides and between the handles at each end. Add approximately 60cm extra to each of the four lengths.

8. Attach a safety pin to one end of each of the tapes and thread through. Finally, tie the tapes into bows.

To make a basker liner for an unlined basket

  • Make your own pattern using dressmaker’s pattern paper.
  • Make a practice piece first using an old sheet, so that you can check you have the right fit, and make any adjustments.

For the base

Place the basket on to the pattern paper and draw round.

For the side pieces

1. Lay your basket on its side on to your pattern paper and mark the top and bottom. Slowly roll the basket round to one side, marking the paper as you go until you reach the middle of the side of the basket. Then roll the basket to the other side in the same way.
2. Add 1cm seam allowances at each end and extend the height of the sides by 15cm.
3. Cut out your pattern pieces and pin to your fabric. You will need one base piece and two side pieces.
4. Sew your two side pieces together down the short edges, right sides facing, using a 1cm seam allowance.
5. Place into your basket to check that it fits, then follow the instructions from Step 4, above.