Want to know how to make a lavender pillow? We show you how with this quick craft project to make your clothes and linen smell heavenly
Lavender pillow

Lavender pillows are the perfect way to keep your clothes and linen fresh, using all-natural materials. The smell of lavender will also help to deter moths, so not only are these pillows pretty, they’re also extremely practical!

If they lose their small over time, simply put a few drops of good quality lavender essential oil onto the pillows to restore their aromatic scent.

We like to use ours in our linen cupboard to perfume, and keep fresh, our bed sheets. The subtle scent of lavender will also help to relax you before bedtime – is there no end to this wonderful flower’s benefits?

This lavender pillow craft is extremely simple to make and is a lovely gift for friends or relatives. You could spend a day making multiple piles of cushions and save them for special occasions. Handmade gifts are always the most special and these little lavender pillows are no exception!



    • Patterned cotton


    • Needle and thread


    • Paper


    • Dried lavender


    • Ribbon


1. Cut a pair of 9.5cm squares from three coordinating pieces of fabric.

2. Stitch the pairs together, with right sides facing, taking a 6mm seam allowance and leaving a 5cm gap in one edge to turn through.

3. Clip the corners and turn right side out.

4. Roll paper into a funnel and slip the narrow end into one sachet. Pour in dried lavender until it resembles a pillow.

5. Slip stitch the gap closed. Repeat to make two more sachets.

6. Pile sachets on top of each other and tie them together with ribbon, or sew a loop of ribbon at the top of each of them to hang on clothes hangers.

Now you’re ready to add them to your wardrobe, drawers or cupboards to give a bust of freshness!