Have fun decorating a plain flower pot in mosaic using broken china or tiles


mosaic flower pot

Making a mosaic flower pot is easy to do and makes a unique gift to give to a gardener or as a way to personalise a pot for your house plants. Don’t throw away well-loved chipped and broken table wear, this project will make it into a shiny new treasure that you’ll love for many more years.

There is something quite therapeutic, dare we say it, about smashing old china into pieces! Try to get a variety of sizes from your broken china or ceramics as the big pieces make s great, bold statement and the little pieces fill the gaps in between perfectly.

If you’re making these for a particular event you could colour-theme them appropriately. What about green and yellow for spring, or red and green for Christmas? They’re sure to make a statement whatever colours you choose and will look great outside or indoors too.


  • Broken china or ceramic tiles
  • Hammer
  • Terracotta plant pot
  • Tile adhesive


1. Place old, broken china or ceramic tiles in a plastic bag and smash into pieces with a hammer.

2. Lay an old terracotta plant pot on its side on a couple of sheets of kitchen towel to stop it rolling around.

3. Spread tile adhesive about 4mm thick on the uppermost area. Press the broken ceramic pieces into the adhesive. Leave to dry for a few hours, then turn the pot and continue applying adhesive and mosaic pieces to cover the remaining area.

4. Allow the adhesive to set overnight. Next day, spread tile grout in the gaps. Wipe away any excess grout with a damp cloth. Leave to harden overnight and then buff with a clean, soft cloth.