Transform your home or bring a sense of celebration to any occasion by experimenting with colourful paper

Paper Rosette Garland

Do you have a special occasion coming up or are you simply looking for a stylish way to add a splash of colour to your home?

Paper rosette garlands are the perfect solution and are easy to craft if you follow our fuss-free steps below.

Cream and gold hues are certainly wedding appropriate and would bring a modern yet elegant touch to any ceremony or reception.

Different shades of pink or blue could be strung together to create an adorable decoration for a christening or children’s birthday party.

Reds and greens are ideal for all festive activities, or if you’re keen to bring a real show-stopping statement to a bare wall at home, work with printed paper.

Choose clashing patterns in eye-catching colours if you’re feeling particularly brave.

What you need to make a paper rosette garland:

• Gift wrap
• Plain paper
• Thin wire
• Glue
• Bulldog clips
• Hole punch
• Narrow ribbon

When you’ve got these bits and bobs to hand, start by cutting a 24 x 12cm strip of gift wrap for a large rosette and an 18 x 9cm strip of plain paper for a small rosette.

Fold 1cm concertina pleats parallel with the short edges, folding the first pleat with wrong sides facing.

With the pleats tightly folded, wrap thin wire around the centre. Twist the wire ends together to secure.

Glue one half of the first pleat to the other half to form a fan. Repeat to glue the last pleat to form a rosette.

Secure with bulldog clips while the glue dries. Punch a hole 6mm in from the outer edge each side of one pleat.

Repeat to make the required number of rosettes.

Thread with narrow ribbon to make a garland.