Never lose your place again with these pretty paperclip bookmarks

Paperclip bookmarkWith just two materials and a pair of scissors you can make these simple and stylish bookmarks to save your place in all your favourite books. We also like having various colours and patterns for our diaries, so you can tell which section starts where.

As such a simple craft this is an especially good project for little children. They’ll love the fast results and it will encourage them to read too, knowing that they’ve made their very own bookmark!

These would also make a lovely and inexpensive gifts for friends, or perhaps the members of a book club if you’re part of one?

Try to find coloured paperclips for the prettiest end result possible and use toning ribbon. We love the toning shades above that will really stand out against the page of your book.

We always like to see what you’ve been up to so don’t forget to share your images with us. We have a simple form, here, where all you need to do is attach a photo and tell us about what your make is. We read every one we receive and sometimes even post them up on the website or our Facebook account so keep an eye out!


    • Paperclips
    • Ribbon
    • Scissors


1. Cut your ribbon to 10cm and fold in half.

2. Tie the ribbon to the paper clip, as follows: loop the folded end over the end bar of the paper clip.

3. Then pull the cut ends of the ribbon back through the top end of the paperclip to form a knot.

4. The ribbon now stands proud of the clip and will be decorative and visible when placed in a book.

5. Find the perfect book to read and use your lovely new paperclip book mark to keep your page!