These fun and colourful papier mache teacups are a great afternoon craft project
Papier mache teacup

Papier mache teacup

We love these sweet papier mache teacups, they make a relaxed afternoon craft and give great results every time. Paint them with your favourite colours and patterns for a charming new addition to your home.


    • Teacup
    • Cling film
    • Slim-necked jar, like a spice jar
    • PVA glue
    • Newspaper
    • Acrylic paint


1. Wrap an old teacup in cling film, tucking the excess inside of the cup. Wrap a separate piece around the handle.

2. Place cup, upside down, over something slightly taller, like a spice jar.

3. Stir together a 50:50 mix of a generous dollop of PVA glue and water in a bowl. Tear up 2cm strips of newspaper, slightly taller than your teacup.

4. Soak a strip at a time in the glue mix. Apply it to the cup, starting from one side of the handle. Allow one end to hang slightly longer than the rim of the cup, and fold the other end over the cup’s base , pressing in to pick out any ridges or details.

5. Work all round the cup until the whole thing is covered, bar the handle area. Repeat several times then set aside.

6. For the handle, cut eight smaller strips of paper slightly longer and wider than the cup’s handle and glue each sheet directly on top of one another. Shape this into a handle.

7. When the papier mache is semi-dry, peel it back until you can lift the cup out.

8. Remove cling film and reform the papier mache cup to its original shape, adding extra glue-soaked paper over any tears. Cover the missing section of cup, where the handle was, with more strips of paper over both the front and back. Add your semi-dry paper handle now, securing it in place with an extra couple of strips of paper over the handle ends.

9. Leave to dry overnight. Cut any excess paper from the rim. Paint and leave to dry.

Now fill it with our paper flowers!