Make laundry day a breeze by stitching this lovely laundry peg bag in pretty fabric

How to make a laundry peg bag


    • Cotton fabric
    • Child’s coat hanger
    • Matching ribbon
    • Matching sewing thread
    • Paper for the template
    • Pencil
    • Scissors

To make the template for the peg bag

Note: Use 1cm seam allowances

1. Cut a sheet of paper 45cm long and a few centimetres wider than your coat hanger.

2. Draw a horizontal line 18cm down from the top edge – this will be the cutting line for the lower front piece.

3. Draw another horizontal line 20cm down from the top edge – this will be the cutting line for the upper front piece.

4. Place the coat hanger on to the paper with the base of the hook at the top. Draw round the curves of your coat hanger extending 1.5cm out at the sides, then straight down to the bottom edge. Cut out your peg bag template.

Peg bag diagrams

1. Make the template. 2. Stitch the lower and upper front pieces together. 3. Stitch around top and sides, leaving a 1cm gap for hook.

To make the peg bag

1. Place the peg bag template on to the wrong side of your fabric, draw round and cut out the back piece. Repeat for the upper and lower front pieces, using the guidelines drawn on the template.

2. With right sides together, place the lower edge of the upper front piece on to the top edge of the lower front piece and pin. Machine-stitch 7cm along from each side, using a 1cm seam allowance. Zigzag the raw edges, press the seams open, then top stitch along both pressed edges.

3. With right sides together, pin the front to the back piece. Machine-stitch around the top and sides, leaving a 1cm gap for the hook at the top edge and leaving the lower edge open. Trim and snip into the seam allowance around the curves. Turn right side out, press.

4. Put the coat hanger into the peg bag – it is easier to place the hanger in the peg bag at an angle – push the hook into the hole at the top then pull the rest of the peg bag down.

5. Turn in 1cm to the wrong side at the lower edges and press. Pin and machine top stitch along the lower edge.

6. Tie a ribbon around the base of the hook.