It's easy to make a personalised candle with this heated transfer method, all you need is a hairdryer and some tissue paper!


How to make a personalised candle

You will need

  • A pillar candle
  • Letter stamps
  • Christmas stamps
  • Ink pads
  • White tissue paper
  • Heat gun or hairdryer
  • Wax paper

Pillar candles, from £1, Hema; red stars, from a selection at Wyevale; Typewriter Letter Stamps, £12 for 64, Christmas wooden stamps, from £1.50, ink pads, £2, Docrafts Papermania Pink Heat Tool, £10, baking parchment squares, £5 for 100, all Hobbycraft.

How to make a personalised candle

  1. Work out your chosen design on a piece of scrap paper cut to the same size, length and circumference as your candle.
  2. Carefully cut a piece of white tissue paper, again to the same size as the candle.
  3. Stamp your chosen design  on to the tissue paper.
  4. Wrap the tissue around  the candle with wax paper held on top.
  5. Hold the wax paper over the tissue paper in one hand while using the heat gun to go over the whole of the candle’s surface.
  6. The heat gun will melt the tissue and, in turn, the design on to the surface of the candle. You’ll see this process taking place under the wax paper as the wax melts – it will slightly darken in colour. Make sure you continue until all the tissue has melted into the wax.

Top tip: Try using a haridryer instead of a heat gun. You won’t need the wax paper to go over the top, as the hairdryer won’t get as hot.

A personalised candle is easy to make and a great gift to give to somebody special. Make sure to tell them you made it too, or create your own ‘homemade by’ signature stamp so everyone can tell that you made it especially for them.

Experiment with different designs on your personalised candles too, not just the recipient’s name. Try catchy phrases and witty remarks or memorable quotes that will mean something to them.

Top tip: Stay safe, never leave burning candles unattended.