This craft box is the perfect personalised project to make for any sewing enthusiast.


How to make a personalised craft box

Finished size: 25 x 23cm, excluding loop

You will need

  • Tracing paper and a sharp HB pencil
  • 40cm of 90cm-wide plain red felt
  • 40cm of 112cm-wide turquoise patterned cotton fabric
  • 40cm of 90cm-wide lightweight wadding
  • 40cm of 90cm-wide turquoise felt
  • 20cm of 90cm-wide white felt
  • 30cm of 45cm-wide bonding web
  • Three A3 sheets of 2-3mm thick card
  • One 1cm white button
  • Navy and red stranded cotton embroidery thread
  • Matching sewing threads
  • Fabric glue

Sweet Tweets fabric, £6.50 per ½ metre, and felt, £5.80 per ½ metre, from Fabric Rehab 

Making the craft box paper patterns

  1. Using a photocopier, enlarge the pattern templates so that the red fold line on the triangle roof measures 15cm, then trace the patterns on to folded tracing paper, matching the broken lines to the fold.
  2. Mark the outlines and grain line arrow. Cut out the patterns and open them out flat.

Personalised craft box templates

Cutting out

  1. Ensure that the arrow runs in the same direction as the grain of the fabric, then cut straight edges parallel with the grain of the fabric.
  2. Cut three craft box houses (for the front, back and base), two 17cm squares for the side panels and two 13 x 3.5cm rectangles for the loop from red felt. Cut three 24 x 16cm rectangles for the front, back and base linings and two 16cm squares for the side-panel linings from patterned fabric and wadding. Cut two 27 x 16cm rectangles for the roof and two gables from turquoise felt. Cut two 26 x 16cm rectangles for the roof linings and two gables from patterned fabric.
  3. Trace two borders for the houses, two borders for the side panels, one door frame, two window frames, one door, two windows and six tulips on to the paper backing of bonding web, leaving a margin around each motif. Roughly cut out the pieces, leaving a margin all around.
  4. Peel off the backing papers. Press the borders, door frame and window frames on to white felt. Press the door, windows and tulips on to turquoise felt. Cut out the pieces neatly. Peel off the backing papers.
  5. Cut one 22 x 13.5cm rectangle for the base, two 22 x 14cm rectangles for the front and back, two 14 x 13cm rectangles for the side panels, two 24 x 13cm rectangles for the roof and two gables, cutting along the ‘card cutting lines’ from card.

Top tip: You can use paper clips to hold the glued edges of the box in place while the glue dries.

Making the craft box house

Note: Take 1.5cm seam allowance. Join pieces with right sides together and edges level.

  1. Press the borders to the upper edge on the right side of the felt front, back and side panels, press the other pieces to the front. Stitch close to the outer edges of the door and windows. Draw the stems and window broken lines with a pencil. Using three strands of navy embroidery thread, embroider stems and window lines with stem stitch and leaves and door details with lazy daisy stitches. Sew a button to the centre of the door with navy embroidery thread.
  2. Pin and stitch the side panels between the front and back, finishing 1.5cm above the lower edges. Press the seams open. Pin and stitch the front, back and side panels to the base, pivoting the seams at the corners. Clip the corners.
  3. Turn the house right side out. Place the card base on the base, adjust the seam allowances on top of the card. Insert the card front, back and side panels into the house, slipping them under the seam allowances. Glue the upper edges of the house over the top of the card.
  4. Tack the wadding to the wrong side of the patterned fabric pieces, stitch in place along the upper edge of the front, back and side panels. Make the house lining following step 2. Trim the wadding in the seam allowances close to the stitching. Press under the upper edge along the stitching.
  5. Insert the lining into the craft box house. Pin and slip stitch the pressed edge to the upper edge of the house.

Top tip: For an elaborately decorated sewing box, just embroider the tulips on the sides and back of the house, too.

Hand embroidered craft box

Making the craft box roof

  1. Use the alphabet (below) to write a name with an apostrophe ’s’ at the end on to tracing paper. Trace ‘needlework box’ centred underneath. Turn the paper over and retrace the writing. Pin the tracing right side up on the centre of one roof 4cm above the long lower edge. Dot a sharp pencil over the words to transfer them to the roof. Using three strands of red embroidery thread, embroider the words in stem stitch.Craft box alphabet embroidery
  2. Pin the loops together. Top stitch close to long edges. Fold the loop in half and tack to the upper long edge of one felt roof.
  3. Pin and stitch the felt roofs together along the long upper edges, starting and finishing 1.5cm from the short edges. Stitch the short edges of the gables to the short edges of the roof, pivoting the seams at the corners. Clip the corners.
  4. Turn the roof right side out. Insert the card roofs and gables into the roof, slipping them under the seam allowances. Glue the lower edges of the felt over the card, folding under the fullness of the felt at the corners.
  5. Pin and stitch the patterned roofs and gables together for the lining following Step 3. Press under 2cm on the lower edge of the lining. Insert the lining into the roof. Pin and slip stitch the pressed edge to the lower edge of the craft box roof.