This personalised picture is a quick and simple craft to make in a morning or afternoon!

Personalised picture

It’s fun and easy to make a personalised picture for your home. Simply use wooden letters to spell a name or word and stick on canvas, then decorate with pretty felt flowers and butterflies for your own inexpensive piece of art.

Children will love making their very own to hang on their bedroom door or walls, making this the perfect holiday craft to do with little ones. For a boy you could swap the flowers and butterflies for their favourite shapes, if they don’t fancy anything like the ones we’ve used above – we like tractors, bugs, and dinosaurs too!

Why not experiment with size, shape and colour? You could make one for each member of your family, arranging the sizing by age for a fun family project. How about adding handprints too? For an added personal twist!


    • 30 x 30cm box canvas
    • Pale acrylic paint
    • Wooden alphabet letters
    • PVA glue
    • Felt flowers
    • Green paint
    • Button
    • Butterflies


1. Paint the canvas with a pale-coloured paint, then paint some wooden alphabet letters of your chosen name.

2. When paint has dried, glue them along the top of your canvas.

3. Using the photo as a guide, position some felt flowers. Mark lightly with a pencil where you want the stems and leaves, then remove the felt flowers and go over the pencil with green paint.

4. Once dry, glue on the flowers, layering a couple and adding button centres, plus two butterflies.

Now all these is left to do is to plan where you’re going to hang your masterpiece! We like these in bedrooms, or even on bedroom doors, just add a hanger from ribbon and hang on a hook. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve made one and where you would hang yours!