Make your favourite images into a beautiful home-furnishing with this easy photo cushion craft


Show off your special photos with our cushion project

Show off your special photos with our cushion project

You won’t believe how easy it is to whip up one of these lovely photo cushions. It’s the perfect way to make memories last even longer and they’re a real talking point too!



    • 50cm-square cushion pad


    • 60cm of two co-ordinating print and check fabrics, each 115cm-wide


    • 20cm of matching plain fabric


    • 15cm of white cotton fabric, pre-washed and pressed


    • 41cm zip


    • White thread


    • Matching thread


    • Two photos each 9cm-wide x 10cm-deep


    • Sheet of T-shirt transfer paper for inkjet printers


    • Scissors


    • Iron


    • Inkjet printer


    • Sewing machine


    • Tape measure


    • Dressmakers chalk


    • Dressmakers pins



1. Cut two rectangles 41.5cm-wide x 53cm-long from print fabric; cut two rectangles 14.5cm-wide x 53cm-long from check fabric and cut two rectangles 16cm-wide x 17cm-long from plain fabric, keeping all long edges parallel to the finished edges of the fabric (the selvedges).

2. Either scan photographs onto your computer or photocopy them directly onto the transfer paper using an inkjet printer. Transfer images onto the white cotton fabric following manufacturers instructions.

3. Cut out images. With right sides together and forming two mirror image squares, stitch each print rectangle to a check rectangle down one long edge with a 1.5cm seam allowance, see below left. Press seams open.


4. Place each printed image centrally on to right side of a plain rectangle; tack in place 2mm in from edges, see above right. Set your sewing machine to a medium-sized close zigzag stitch. Using white thread, stitch around and enclose the image edges. Press all edges of each plain rectangle 1cm to wrong side. Place them on the printed fabric section of the front cover, 17cm down from top edge, 7.5cm in from side edge and 2.5cm apart. Using straight stitch on your machine, stitch in place close to folded edges with matching thread.

5. With right sides facing, stitch front and back cover pieces together around all edges, with a 1.5cm seam allowance and leaving a large opening along lower edge, see above. Trim seam allowances away diagonally across the corners; no closer than 3mm from stitching line. Turn cover right side out, press opening seam allowances 1.5cm to wrong side. Insert pad and slipstitch the opening edges together.

Craft tip: Use drawing pins or magnets, instead of brooch-back pins, to personalise your notice board or fridge.

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