This gorgeous poppy card makes a simple but beautiful craft project to remember those who gave their lives in war

How to make a Poppy Card using Die Cutting Machine | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Papercraft

The geometric shapes of the petals gives it a modern and stylish finish,  a twist on a classic shape that we’re sure you’ll love.


    • A4 Xpress Die Cutting Machine
    • Alphabet Dies – Slimline
    • Nesting Dies (5pcs) Square Parenthesis-Docrafts
    • 3 different colours of Red Card
    • Docrafts Assorted Buttons – Monochrome (50g)
    • Recycled Kraft Square Card Blanks (50pk)
    • Anita’s Tacky PVA Glue (120ml)

Make a Poppy Card with Papercraft | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Papercraft


1. Taking the square parenthesis die, lay it smooth edge down on the base plate and cover with your chosen card and then the cutting pad. Feed the plates between the rollers of the die cutter, turning the handle to pull them through. When the boards come out the other side, the die shape will have been cut into the card. Die cut the darkest red card with the largest and smallest square parenthesis dies, the lightest red card with next size up dies and the bright red card with the medium size die.

2. Take the slimline alphabet die and cut out the letters you need in the bright red card, we chose to write ‘In Memory…’

In Memory Papercraft Remembrance Poppy Card | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Papercraft
3. Now it’s time to begin constructing your card. Lay the series of red squares on the card blank, stacking them from biggest to smallest. We chose to rotate each square to add an extra dimension to the poppy pattern.

4. Once arranged, glue the square pieces in place with a big black button in the middle using some tacky glue.

5. Glue the letters underneath the poppy to spell out your card’s message and then it’s ready to pop in the post.

6. For an alternative make, swap the red card for red felt to create a gorgeous felt corsage.

How to make a Poppy Card and Felt Poppy Corsage | Woman's Weekly | Craft | Papercraft