Turn an old bangle into a ribbon bracelet with this simple guide

If you can’t bear to throw away your old jewellery then you’re in the same boat as us! We can never bring ourselves to get rid of old piece of jewellery simply because they’ve gone out of fashion or our tastes have changed.

We would much rather recycle our pre-loved bits and bobs and remake our old bracelets instead of putting them in the bin. This simple idea makes good use of our craft box too, using up old ribbon ends.

Just make sure the ribbon you’re planning to use is well-edged so as to avoid fraying and your finished product will look neat and professional, rather than rustic and handmade.

What’s great about this craft is that you can never get bored of the outcome – there’s always new ribbon to try! You can easily undo previous ribbon covers and change the design of your bracelet in minutes, saving the old ribbon for yet another craft project. Pretty nifty if you ask us!

So, what are you waiting for? Dig out your favourite ribbon in bright colours or patterns and whip yourself up a fabulous new accessory, all your friends will want to know where you got your latest bangle from. If you’re feeling kind you could even make them one too!


    • Old bangle or bracelet
    • 90cm of 2.5cm-wide satin bias binding or ribbon
    • Masking tape
    • Needle and matching sewing thread


1. Start by sticking the bias binding or ribbon in place with a piece of masking tape.

2. Bind the binding diagonally around the bangle, overlapping the pressed under edges whilst pulling taut and smooth.

3. Cut off the excess binding and turn under 6mm at the raw end.

4. Remove the masking tape and slipstitch the end securely in place.