You’ll never lose your needles and thread with this simple-to-make sewing jar

If you have a habit of losing all your seeing bits and bobs then you need this! With it’s simple design and practical function it’s a craft that’ll make you wonder how you ever survived before it!

The jar space keeps scraps of fabric, thread, measuring tapes, thimbles and more all neatly contained in one space, while the top make the perfect pin cushion.

Much smaller than any traditional sewing storage solution this is pretty portable too. Simply pop it in your bag and you’ve got sewing at your fingertips wherever you fancy going.

You can cover the pin cushion in any fabric at all but we love this Libery-style print, the perfect balance between classic and timeless, don’t you think?


    • Kilner jar
    • Bathroom sponge
    • Fabric pieces
    • Scissors
    • PVA glue
    • Small piece of card


1. Kilner jars have a two-part lid consisting of a metal disc held in place with a screw ring. Remove the disc to use as a template to cut a piece of sponge to size (a bathroom sponge is ideal).

2. Use small scissors, to trim the top of the foam into a dome shape and stick the sponge to the metal disc with PVA glue.

3. Cut a circle of fabric to fit over the dome of sponge with a 2cm border to glue edges to the underside of the disc. Push the fabric-covered sponge back through the screw ring of the jar.

4. Stick a circle of card the same size as the metal disc inside the jar lid to neaten.

5. Allow to dry throughly before screwing back on top of your jar.

6. Fill with all your sewing essentials and you’re ready to start your next sewing project!