A perfect gift for a friend or a quick, rewarding handmade jewellery idea for yourself

Silk necklace

Isn’t this necklace just lovely? Made in a super soft silk, satin it looks and feels luxurious. With just four materials required to make it, it looks high-end while actually being very inexpensive to make.

You can make this handmade silk necklace in any shade you like, to suit your mood, your outfit choice or your favourite colour.

It won’t take long so if you’re looking for a craft to do in just an hour for the morning or afternoon then this is perfect! When we made them we couldn’t just stop at one and had to make a necklace for each of our friends, too!

If you’ve got children you could use smaller beads and make them mini necklaces each, or better still, get them to make their own for a fun and creative activity.


    • Silk satin
    • 2.5 x 2cm wooden oval beads
    • Gold thread
    • Needle


1. Fold a 130 x 8cm bias strip of silk in half lengthways, right sides facing.

2. Stitch the raw edges together taking 6mm seam allowance and leaving a gap close to one end.

3. Clip corners and turn through.

4. Thread gold thread on to a needle and insert through silk 45cm from end without gap. Pull it through, then wrap tightly around the silk for 6mm.

5. Insert the needle through the bound thread to secure and cut off excess.

6. Insert a 2cm-diameter oval bead through gap and push it down to the binding.

7. Bind the silk after the bead. Repeat for a total of nine beads, binding after each one. Slip stitch the gap closed. Press the extending ends of fabric flat.

8. Tie the ends together.

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