Keep your technology safe and secure, we show you how to make a tablet case of your very own


If you’re lucky enough to own a tablet then you’ll no doubt want to keep it safe. Forget spending lots on expensive designer cases, use it as an excuse to do some extra crafting!

This simple envelope-style case will make sure your precious tablet stays lovely and new looking for as long as possible, protecting against bumps and scratches with its soft material shell.

We’ve added a handy pocket at the front which will be big enough for a small notebook, a couple of pens and perhaps a stylus so that you can keep all your organisational essentials together.

Because of its slim appearance and design you won’t be adding any weight or bulk to your tablet, ensuring it’ll still fit neatly into your favourite bag.

If you don’t have a tablet yourself then don’t keep the idea to yourself! Share it with friends, or even better make someone a present of a homemade tablet gift. Who wouldn’t love a hoe made treat that looks as good as this?



    • Brown fabric


    • Red thread


    • Gingham fabric


    • Use of a sewing machine



1. Cut 2 pieces of brown fabric 3cm bigger all round than your tablet.

2. Fold a 1cm seam allowance along a short edge and sew with red thread.

3. Cut a smaller rectangle of gingham fabric for the pocket, fold over twice along a short edge (this will be the top edge) and machine stitch. Fold over the remaining 3 sides by 1cm and press.

4. Pin to the right side of a brown piece of fabric and sew around 3 sides leaving the top open.

5. Use rows of stitches to divide it into pen-sized sections.

6. Pin the 2 pieces of brown fabric together, right sides facing, and sew around 3 sides with red thread, leaving the top open. Turn to the right side.