Instead of popping to the pet shop to buy a Christmas present, treat your beloved hound to a gift they’ll really adore

Toy bone for dogs

Treat your dog to a handmade toy bone this Christmas

One of the things we love most about Christmas is thinking of presents our friends and family will love.

Is there anything better than seeing a loved one’s reaction when they open a carefully chosen (and creatively wrapped) gadget or handmade gift?

And once we’ve ticked partners, children, parents and grandkids off the list, we turn our attention to the other special beings in our lives.

True companions we just can’t imagine life without, our dogs really are extremely important to us.

With this in mind, we’ve devised a guide to making something your prized pooch will love playing with on 25 December.

So whether you’re the proud owner of a beautiful border collie, a petite pedigree pug or a loving and loyal labrador, we urge you to get crafty by hand-stitching your pet a toy bone this year.

Your hound will be entertained for hours, giving you and the family a real chance to relax while you tuck into a roast with all the trimmings followed by mince pies.

What you need to make a toy bone:

• Fabric
• Pins
• Sewing thread
• Polyester filling

Enlarge the bone template below on a photocopier by 250%, or to your preferred size. Cut two bone shapes from your fabric.

Pin both fabric pieces together, right sides facing.

With a 1cm seam allowance, either machine-stitch or backstitch by hand all the way around, leaving a 4cm gap for pulling through.

Snip into the fabric on the curved areas, then pull the fabric through to the right side.

Stuff the bone toy with polyester filling until it’s moderately firm. Finally, hand-stitch to close.

Toy Bone Template