Sew this pretty felt vanity mirror case decorated in a simple flower design

Sewing project mirror case woman's weekly try to do this at home

Making this pretty vanity mirror case is so easy and it will not only keep your mirror clean but will be easy to find in your bag.

Here we’ve chosen a bright flower pattern in a colourful fabric, but you could change this to suit your tastes. You could make hearts, stars, or even cut out your own initials- your imagination is the only limit to how to decorate this lovely case!

This is a super speedy craft that we think you’ll be able to do in under half an hour, making it the perfect midday creative project, easy to fit in before lunch! Once you see how easy this case is to make you’ll be hooked on making more, whip some up for family and friends as an unexpected but delightful gift!

So, what are you waiting for? We show you how to make it in just four easy steps below…



    • Mirror


    • Felt


    • Paper, for backing


    • Patterned fabric


    • Bonding web


    • Bead, for flower centre


    • Sewing thread



1. Measure the mirror width, adding on 4cm, and twice the length, adding 4cm, and cut from felt.

2. Draw eight 2cm long petals on the paper backing of a piece of bonding web. Press to the wrong side of some pretty patterned cotton fabric.

3. Cut out the petals, then peel off the papers. Arrange the petals on one half of the case, using five petals to form a flower. Press the petals to the felt. Sew a small bead at the flower centre.

4. Fold the case in half, wrong sides facing, then, taking a 1.5cm seam allowance, stitch up the sides, leaving the top 2cm open. Trim the seam allowance close to the stitching and pop in the mirror.