Handmade says it best, give the best every well done card with one of these beauties

If one of your loves ones have done something to be really proud of then show them how pleased you are for them by giving them a beautiful, handmade card. They’re sure to appreciate all your effort and the thought you put into their card much more than they would a shop-bought ones.

You can make these pretty card in whatever colours you like, we love this carnival multi-coloured theme but you could always make the little letter flags in one colour, in metallic paper, or even write the letters in glitter for extra sparkle!

Put your own spin on this well done card by  making the little letter tags any shape you like, you could make them look like bunting, little love hearts or even stars – the only limit is your imaginations!

This simple craft won’t take long at all and is really quite simple, making it perfect to make with little ones too. If they’re really young you could just have them fold the card and help you glue, and if they’re a bit older then they’ll love helping you write the message for the front of their card – it’s even an excuse to help them practice their writing!


    • Coloured card
    • Paper punch
    • Scissors or stamp, for letter
    • 30cm-long ribbon
    • Card blank
    • Sticky tape
    • Glue  or sticky fixer


1. Cut eight luggage-tag shapes from coloured card using a paper punch, or just use ready-made tags.

2. Punch a hole at the top of each and stamp or hand-draw one letter.

3. Cut a piece of ribbon, approximately 30cm long, then thread on the coloured tags in order. Punch two holes, one at either end of a card blank, and feed the ribbon through to the back and secure in place with sticky tape.

4. Separate the tags so that they are evenly spaced, then apply a little glue or sticky fixer to the back of each to prevent them from moving around.