This autumn wreath, in a gorgeous array of orangey and brown fabrics, is a relatively simple project to while away the evening hours

Autumn wreath

When the autumn months come a-calling, all we want to do is snuggle up in the warmth and do some seasonal crafting! We think it’s so beautiful, you’ll want to keep it on display all year long!



    • Spray adhesive


    • Solid-coloured card


    • Eight different tweed and wool fabrics in oranges, browns, and greens 30 x 30cm each


    • Templates, see below


    • Scissors


    • Scrap paper


    • Pins


    • Needle and matching sewing thread


    • Craft knife


    • Fast-drying hi-tack PVA glue


    • Polystyrene wreath base 35cm in diameter


    • Raffia



1. Working in a well-ventilated area, apply spray adhesive to a piece of coloured card and stick the fabric onto it, smoothing it down so that there are no creases or trapped air bubbles. Repeat this for all of the fabric pieces.step1

2. Using the templates, cut out three leaf shapes using the scrap paper. Pin and stitch them onto the cardbacked fabrics. You will need eight leaves from each fabric, making 64 leaves in total.step2web

3. Cut the leaves out using the scissors. Turn the leaves over so that the card side faces upward and gently score a line along the length of the leaf using the craft knife – make sure that you do not cut in to it. Fold each leaf along the score line to make it more 3D.step3web

4. Glue the leaves onto the wreath base, varying the angles of them and overlapping them so that none of the polystyrene can be seen. Continue sticking the leaves onto the wreath until the whole base is covered.step4web

5. Take a few strands of raffia and tie them into a bow. Glue this onto the wreath. Tie a couple of strands of raffia around the top of the wreath, tying a knot in them to form a loop to hang the wreath in place.step5web



Taken from Halloween Crafts by Emma Hardy published by CICO Books, £12.99. To buy the book for just £9.99 including free p&p, call 01256 302699 quoting GLR8UD or go to