Take inspiration from the seaside with this lovely boat picture project in an embroidery hoop

How to make a boat picture with an embroidery hoop


    • 25cm square of plain light turquoise cotton fabric
    • 17.5cm wooden embroidery hoop
    • Air-erasable fabric pen
    • 15cm square of plain blue cotton fabric
    • 15cm square of blue striped cotton fabric
    • 15 x 10cm rectangle of red striped cotton fabric
    • 15cm square of plain white cotton fabric
    • Matching sewing threads
    • Toy filling
    • 50cm of 4mm-wide blue ribbon
    • 7cm of 18mm-wide blue ribbon
    • All-purpose household glue
    • 35cm of 4mm-wide turquoise and red ribbon

Finished size: 19cm diameter

How to make the boat picture paper pattern

On a photocopier, enlarge the fabric boat template so that the lower line of the hull measures 8cm. Trace the hull, sails and cloud templates on to tracing paper. Mark the arrows and crosses.

Boat picture paper patternHow to appliqué the picture

1. Fix the light turquoise fabric in the embroidery hoop. Fold the remaining fabrics in half (right sides facing).

Matching the arrows to the fabric grain and stripes on the sails, use the air-erasable pen to draw around the hull on the plain blue fabric, around the large sail on the blue striped fabric, around the small sail on the red striped fabric and twice around the cloud on the white fabric.

2. Stitch along the outlines, then refer to the templates to draw a cross on the top layer of fabric. Cut out the pieces, adding a 6mm allowance to the seams. Snip the curves and corners. Carefully snip to the inner corners of the clouds.

Pull apart the two layers of fabric on the hull and cut the cross on the top layer. Repeat
on each piece, then turn the pieces right side out through the cut crosses. Insert a little toy filling into each piece. Oversew the cut edges to close them.

3. With the hoop fastener at the top, arrange the boat pieces on the fabric in the hoop. Cut a 13cm length of the 4mm-wide blue ribbon. Press under 6mm at one end. Slip the raw end of the ribbon under the hull, then pin the ribbon, hull and sails to the hoop fabric.

4. Press the 18mm-wide blue ribbon in half (wrong sides facing). Pin to the hoop fabric
as a flag. Sew the 4mm-wide ribbon followed by the hull and sails to the hoop fabric. Sew the flag in place along the fold and for 5mm along the long edges.

Trim the flag ends diagonally. Pin and sew the clouds to the picture, allowing them to extend over the hoop.

5. Trim away the fabric 2cm from the outer ring of the hoop. Turn the hoop wrong side up and press the raw edges toward the back of the fabric. Glue to the back of the hoop.

Tie the 4mm-wide blue, turquoise and red ribbons around the hoop fastener in a bow. Trim the bow ends diagonally.

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