Ever wanted to make a craft from all those treasured old photos? These photo-filled bottle top badges are perfect!

Sometimes the most simple crafts have the loveliest outcomes. We think these bottle top badges made with old photographs are a great way to use up odds and ends you already have in the house. Now only that you’ll be able to recycle your bottle caps and give your favourite mini pics great exposure in no time at all with this easy make

You could make these for a gift, using photos of you and the person you’re going to give them to for a fun, unique and personal addition to any gift.

We also like making little photo-filled bottle tops into magnets for our fridge. Simply omit the step where you add a broach pin, and add a magnet instead. You could use a mixture of photographs, pictures and words for these so that you’re able to create sentences or scenes from your collection!

This is a really simple craft so would also make a great afternoon project to do with children. It makes such an enjoyable afternoon to sit and go through old photos and then to turn them into something meaningful, to keep.


    • Photos
    • Bottle caps – dent-free
    • Rubber-solution glue
    • Metal glue
    • Brooch-back pins
    • Pencil
    • Ten pence coin
    • Scissors


1. Stick brooch-back pins centrally to the outside (top) of caps with metal glue and leave them to dry.

2. Using a ten pence coin as a guide, mark around and cut out your chosen photos then stick them inside the caps. See the photo below for guidance. craft-old-photo-badge-illustrations

Finished? Congratulations on your shiny new craft project! Where will you pin yours? We like to add them to scarves, bags and jackets for a modern, personal twist on our usual outfits.