Handcraft these beautiful Christmas cards for your loved ones by using some felt, coloured card and a little imagination
Make Christmas cards
To make Christmas cards you will need:

  • Card blanks
  • Felt in pale green, pale blue, red, pink
  • Self-adhesive white crochet trim
  • Red and white bakers twine
  • Snowflake paper punch
  • Heart paper punch
  • Coloured card – we used pale blue, green, red, white
  • PVA tacky glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Silver pen

Little Nordic House

Cutting out:

From red felt: Cut a 4.5cm square
From green felt: Cut a 6 x 4.5cm triangle and a 1 x 2cm rectangle
From blue card: Cut four 1cm squares

1 Apply a line of glue to the bottom edge of the green triangle and, overlapping it slightly, stick it to one edge of the red square.

Cover the join with a length of self-adhesive crochet trim.

2 Use a silver pen to draw the windowpanes on the blue squares. Then, using the photo as a guide, arrange the windows and door on the house front and glue in place.

3 Glue the house to the card front, just above the central point.

Then stick a length of crochet trim horizontally, just below the house, trimming off the excess or folding round to the back.

Tie a bow in the bakers twine and stick onto the crochet trim.

4 Write a festive message on a piece of blue card and neatly cut out. Stick onto a piece of green felt, cut this out then glue just below the crochet trim.

5 Finally, using a paper punch, punch out one heart from red card and
glue to the roof.

Punch out snowflakes from blue and white card and glue them around randomly.
Make Christmas cards


1 Using the template (below) trace off and cut two mittens from green felt.

2 Cut and stick two short lengths of self-adhesive crochet trim to the base of both mittens, then a piece of red and white twine on top.

3 Punch out two red paper hearts and glue just above the crochet trim.

4 Cut approximately 20cm length of twine and stick either end to the underside of the two mittens.

5 Arrange and glue the mittens on the card front. Then carefully draw a fine line of glue for the twine to follow and stick in place.

6 Finally, punch out some pale blue snowflakes and glue randomly around the mittens.


Felt is a fantastic material to use as it won’t fray.

Make Christmas cards mittens template

Retro Baubles

1 Using the templates (below) trace off the three baubles and use to cut one from pink felt, one from pale green felt and one from blue felt.

Pink bauble: Cut two 5mm-wide strips from red paper, stick to the bauble and trim off the excess.

Cut a circle from white felt and stick centrally over the red strips. Punch out a blue snowflake and stick to the white circle.

Green bauble: Cut three 3mm strips from pale blue paper, stick to the bauble and trim off the excess.

As for the pink bauble, cut a felt circle and add a red snowflake.

Blue bauble: Cut a 1cm-wide strip of pink paper, widening it slightly towards the middle. As for the other baubles add a felt circle and a green snowflake.

2 Glue a length of red and white twine to the back of the three baubles.

Arrange and glue the baubles on the card front then draw a fine line of glue from the bauble, pull the twine taught and hold in place until stuck.

Cut off any excess.

3 Finally, add a twine bow to the top of each bauble.


Draw round a coin or a glue stick to create a perfectly sized circle.

Make Christmas cards bauble template