These Christmas pudding decorations look very professional and will really stand out on the branches of your Christmas tree



What would Christmas be with some Christmas puddings? These gorgeous Christmas pudding decorations means you can squeeze even more pudding in to the festive season, without the calories!

With their little hanging bells they make the perfect decorations to hang from your Christmas tree branches, adding a little Christmas jingle whenever they’re wobbled slightly!

We think their love heart shape is sweet as sugar but you could of course make them a traditional ball-shape if you wanted to.

The simple running stitch looks great in any contrasting thread and because it’s so easy to do you could even make these with children as an early sewing project. If you are going to make these with children then just remember to show them how to be careful when holding scissors and using a needle!


  • A4 sheet of paper
  • Brown felt
  • Cream felt
  • Green felt
  • Three red buttons
  • Red Ribbon
  • Matching thread
  • Wadding or cotton wool
  • Small bell


1. Draw a heart shape on a piece of paper, cut out, pin to a double layer of brown felt and cut around to form two identical heart shapes.

2.  Draw a wiggly line on the heart template, for the dripping cream, cut along it and discard the base. Pin the template to cream felt and cut out.

3. Cut out two holly leaves from green felt. Sew the leaves and three red buttons to the cream felt. Then layer the cream on top of the two hearts, sandwiching a loop of red ribbon at the top of the heart.

4.  Sew all round, using a running stitch, leaving a small gap. Stuff with wadding, or cotton wool. Stitch the opening closed and sew a small bell to the bottom.