Ever wondered how to make coasters? We’ve got a pretty clever way to make them out of fabric!



There’s no need to buy expensive coasters when you can make your own from things you probably already have in the house!

This simple sewing project is fun to do and useful for using up scraps of fabric. Once you’ve made one coaster, you’ll want to make  a set and we think they are a great idea for a house-warming present!

If you’re feeling fancy you could make them all in one colour, or if you’re feeling a bit more creative then you could make a set in lots of different, bright colours. There’s always room to put your own mark on a craft, and that’s why we love them.

Make sure to use a nice strong thread and to pull your stitches tight the whole way round so that your shiny new coasters don’t unravel.

Once you’ve mastered this size you could try making larger ones to use as placemats.



    • Variety of fabrics


    • Cord


    • Matching sewing thread



1. Cut about twelve 20 x 2cm strips of fabric, on the bias.

2. Cut one end of one strip diagonally and start to bind it tightly around the end of a 180cm length of 4mm-thick cord. Catch in place with a small stitch.

3. Bind the strip tightly around the cord and pin in place. Start to coil the covered cord, sewing the edges of the coil together to secure the shape as you work.  Add a new strip, overlapping the previous one and catch in place with a few stitches.

4. Continue to bind the cord, coiling it into a circle and sewing the edges together. When the coaster is 10cm wide, cut off excess cord and the fabric 2cm beyond the cord end. Sew the end to the underside of the coaster.