We’ve come up with great ways to use up remnants of fabric, scraps of felt and left-over wool

Christmas Santas

Little Santas

These adorable Christmas Santa decorations are made from kitchen- and toilet-roll tubes and coloured felt. Children will enjoy making them as much as receiving them.

Finished sizes: (approx.) 14cm, 16cm and 18cm tall

To make a Christmas Santa you will need:

* Two toilet-roll tubes and one kitchen-roll tube
* 30cm of 90cm-wide red felt
* Spray adhesive
* All-purpose household glue
* 10cm square of salmon-pink felt
* 20cm square of iron-on firm interfacing
* 20cm square of white felt
* Tracing paper and sharp pencil
* Scrap of black felt
* Red sewing thread
* Black 3D paint
* Red tissue paper

1. Trim one toilet-roll tube to 8.5cm tall and the kitchen-roll tube to 12.5cm tall. From
red felt, cut three rectangles: 17 x 8.5cm, 17 x 10.5cm and 17 x 12.5cm.

Use spray adhesive to stick the rectangles round the appropriate-sized tube, matching one long edge of felt to the lower edge of the tube and overlapping the short edges on the back
of the tube.

2. Cut three 3.5cm-diameter circles of salmon-pink felt for the faces. Stick a face to the front of each tube close to the upper edge, using the glue.

3. Press iron-on interfacing to the wrong side of white felt. Trace off beard and moustache templates separately on to tracing paper and cut out.

Use the templates to cut three beards and three moustaches from the interfaced white felt.

Glue each beard over a face, matching the straight ends to the upper edge of the tube. Glue each moustache on top.

Christmas Santa beard template

4. Cut three 16.5 x 12cm rectangles of red felt for the hats. On the wrong side of each hat, use a sharp pencil to draw a line 1.5cm in and parallel with one long edge.

Cut a fringe to this line, making the fringes about 10cm long, 7-8mm wide.

5. Starting at the back of the tube, glue the long edge of the hat around the upper edge
of the tube, overlapping the tube by 6mm.

To gather up the fringes, tie sewing thread tightly around the hat about 8cm from the ends of the fringe.

6. Smear glue on the wrong side of scraps of red and black felt — making it easier to cut out tiny pieces — and leave to dry.

Cut three 6mm-diameter circles of red felt for noses and six 1cm-diameter circles of black felt for buttons. Glue the noses to the faces.

Glue one button to the front of the small Christmas Santa, two buttons to the middle-sized Santa and three buttons to the large Santa.

7. Dot the eyes on each Santa with black 3D paint. Set aside to dry. Tear a sheet of red tissue paper into quarters. Scrunch three pieces into balls.

Push a ball into the hat of each Santa to shape it.


If you wish to hide a present in a Santa, slip the gift inside the tube, then scrunch up
a ball of tissue paper and insert to hold it in place.