Treat yourself to an afternoon of crafting with these simple but super-sweet lavender pillows


lavender birds

Easy to sew, these fragrant bird lavender bags will look cute in your wardrobe or hang them on a branch as a decoration to scent a room.

All you need for this project is 5 materials and about half an hour, and before you know it you’ll have your very own bird lavender pillows to perfume your clothes, linen or house with. If yours smell less over time, you can rejuvenate their scent by adding a few drops of high-quality lavender essential oil.

In fact, we think these are so nice that they’d make a lovely gift, presented in a basket tied with ribbon. Whoever you choose to give this handmade treat to, they’re sure to love it. With the thought, care, attention and skill required to make one they’ll know a homemade present is the best gift to receive.


    • Thin card
    • Coloured felt
    • Sewing thread and a needle
    • Ribbon
    • Lavender


1. Draw a 13 x 8cm bird shape and a 5 x 2cm wing on to thin card and cut out.

2. Use as a template to cut out two birds from coloured felt, and two wings from a different coloured felt.

3. Sew a wing to a bird, using a simple overhand stitch or running stitch, and repeat for the other bird and wing. Using a contrasting coloured thread, sew the eyes with a few straight stitches or a cross-stitch.

4. Loop a 20cm length of ribbon and attach to the wrong side of one of the birds.

5. With wrong sides together, use a simple overhand stitch or a blanket stitch all the way round, leaving a 3cm opening. Fill with lavender, then stitch closed.

Project with thanks to Corinne Lapierre; materials, from a selection at Create And Craft.